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The Lady on Top  - Dedicated in empowering women to unlock their full potential.

Women in Business Are Not Taken Seriously as Men

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I started  working for a marketing company that did B2B sales when I was 19 years old. Which means I went door-to-door selling products to small and medium-sized businesses that were not expecting me. It was cold calling for lack of a better word. In ten seconds or less, I had to persuade the business owner to listen to what I could offer him or her and ultimately close the sale. I improved on my people skills, gained confidence and became one of the top leaders in the company. I did this until I was 24 years old…working on 100 percent commission and managing multiple teams while providing a good life as a single mom for my daughter and me.

Throughout my years in the workforce, I noticed women were not taken as seriously as men. More so in sales.  Now that I have my own business this continues to remain true for me.  I always ran into men who bought what I was selling because they thought I was attractive and had different intentions other than business. I quickly learned how to use my sex appeal to close sales when I noticed men were attracted to me. And ladies, it worked every time. All I had to do was flirt and before I knew it papers were signed and I was out the door making tons of money.

Haven’t you noticed that women sell more than men? A couple of weeks ago when I was at the mall, I passed by a DirecTV booth. DirecTV had a tall, brunette in a tight red dress with a killer body standing at the booth. Doing what you ask me? She was strategically hired to appeal to men so that they go to the booth and buy DirectTV. I saw four men drooling huddled around her when I passed by. No lie.

In regards to my business, I’ve had to decline opportunities with potential clients because the driving force to do business with me was to have the chance to go out with me. I can’t tell you how many times this has bothered me to the point that I’ve wanted to go off on these men. But don’t worry, I’ve remained calm.

I find that women have it easier to close sales then men, but have a harder time to be taken seriously by men. The reason I say this is because the majority of business owners are men. Our society is also run by sex appeal. You see attractive women on billboards and in the majority of ads because sex sells and men have the most purchasing power. You don’t see women hitting on men as men do to women while conducting business. I don’t know if in time this will change. Even now when you are increasingly seeing women starting businesses.

What do you think of my experiences? Do you agree women are not taken as seriously as men in business or do you think differently?

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  • Gretel says:

    I love this post. You bring out the reality of the workforce of women in business. Many women would be reluctant to allow their sex appeal as an advantage for them. However, I like how you embraced it in a professional matter. I worked in sales as well, meeting different clients whom the majority were men and I did find that they were initially more willing to hear what I had to say because they thought I was attractive. I used it to my advantage but once I had their attention I showed them that I was not just a pretty face by the knowledge that I had of the business. Great post!

    November 19, 2013 at 7:16 pm

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